Dr. Turecki is a popular and effective speaker. Audiences consistently rate him an excellent presenter. Typical comments include: "relevant to all who deal with children," "excellent practical information and suggestions," "one of the best presentations I have ever heard," "exceptional, clear, stimulating," "helped me view children differently," "eloquent, practical, approachable," "speaks to me as a professional and parent."

Dr. Turecki has frequently lectured to national and local audiences of parents, teachers, pediatricians, nurses and mental health professionals. He has been a regular participant in the T. Berry Brazelton National Seminar Series, and has led a workshop at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Turecki has spoken before parent organizations such as the The Parents League of New York and Parents In Action; and at local special schools including: Variety Child Learning Center, The Churchill School and Center, The Community School, The Gateway School, Stephen Gaynor School, Mary McDowell Center for Learning, The Summit School (Queens), and The Gillen Brewer School.


Possible formats include lectures, seminars and workshops, and are suitable for parents and/or professionals.

To arrange for Dr. Turecki to speak at your group, please contact him directly:


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Staneley Turecki, MD